For centuries, the social disabilities of women have not been resolved and there is no clear end to them in sight. In societies which are ruled by a patriarchal structure, women have always been of secondary importance and also have been overhelmed by the feudal structure of men. Recently, this system seems to have been undergoing deep change, but we can’t say that it is discernable enough to make any positive impact on the lives on women. Even while some improvements may have come, it’s obvious that women still suffer from things like molestation. Many examples of this harrassment are discussed in both written and mass media. Unfortunately there is still a feeling that a woman is often exposed to violence in many places such as in public transport, at a bar, or even in their own home.
We, as male photographers, are attempting in a most objective and simple way to narrate the current situation of women. The perspective from which we were illustrating this situation was influenced by the point of view of the women around us. We tried to expose the violence and harassment experienced in a woman’s ordinary day, in a cinematographic way.
These 14 photographs tell the story of violence and harassment women experience in their daily lives, and also serve to reveal the heavy societal burdens laid upon them. We felt photography would be the best medium to expose their standpoint and current situation.


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