III.Richard, Light and Violence

The tragedia Richard III of, written by W. Shakespeare, is a play of strategy which leads Richard towards the way of being a king. All players on the stage take their place of being the victims of this tragedia. The forces, fighting for power, in this ruIership are not only be seen as physically in the play, their mental sides become the most important complement device above all. In this play, which was performed by 9 Eyliil University Faculty of Fine Arts Theatre Department and directed by the lecturer Baris Erdenk, the violent face of war was brought to the fore via innuendos. All the murders heralded during the play are brought to the stage on this scene. This, causes to continue the nervousness, doubt and anxiety of people around Richard while they all are awaiting the chill of death. Although the competences may vary, the corrupted seeds of the ruIership never change. In fact, the cruelty of those times are not that far away from us. The only change is made on the weapons. The aim of the war and the war makers is always the same: “Existence by annihilation”.This idea is a valid slogan at all stages of humankind. By ta king this thought as a start point, I wanted to capture the “violence” via the photography. I believe that the case of violence formed in art, will be more stunning than held in the real life. In our days of in which the cruelty imposed by the press is behaved as a normal act, the violence must be held with headiness but in another way with the help of the art. At that time “violence” may be questioned again with some new meanings.

I had formed my exhibition named, “Light and the Violence”, with these thoughts, taking them as my starting point. The important thing for me was to submit some parts of feeling of the “violence” to the audience. None of the shots imply a stable movement. Such that, the place that where the violence starts may be predictable, the ending point might be scary. This awareness shall not be in care of me but of the audience. Every shot completed in their minds will reveal the borders of own-selves. At this point I tried to link a mental image and a completion between the shot and the spectator.

As these photographs are black and white, they remind us the difference and the completion of life and death. As a matter of fact, this perfect opposition in which one can not exist without another is it’s own self of the nature. For that reason, any colour applied in this project could have make it more difficult to understand the whole meaning.

The light had been used as an effect to amplify the meaning of the vision in each photograph. I must say that I am working on the light as a supporter of motion and the motion as a supporter of the light. The motion, also named as the act, in the picture shows up the background, the moment and the afterwards of the violence. In this case, I tried to get new visions from the violence and the Iig ht supporting it. I am bringing the presence of violence to you with another way.


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